Tarbaila dam water level remains 8 feet above dead level

TARBAILA:The water level of Tarbaila dam on Monday reduced as it was recorded 1399.69 feet and produced 552 megawatts electricity lowest of the season.

Seven power generation units of Tarbaila dam have been shut down due to the low water level in the lake and power production capacity has also improved as the inflow increased.

According to the Tarbaila Dam officials, the water level of Tarbaila dam remained 08 feet above the dead level which is 1399.69 feet, where only 8 power generation units are producing 552 megawatts of electricity and they are also not working with full capacity either.

The Tarbela dam officials disclosed that the increase in water inflow in the dam the capacity of Tarbaila power production also increased.

Water inflow in the dam was 39600 cusecs and outflow 40000 cusecs feet, dam officials also stated that owing to the low inflow of water we have decreased the outflow in Ghazi Brotha and Indus River.

It was also disclosed that today 800 cusecs of water were released for Pehur High-Level Canal (PHLC) to supply water, some areas of KPK for irrigation.