Thai Ambassador visit Khewra Mines

RAWALPINDI: Thai Ambassador Suchart Liengsaengthong visited Khewra Salt Minies for the 3rd time Friday.

His visit was hosted by Ch. Abdul Ghafoor Khan, Managing Director Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). MD PTDC welcomed the Ambassador on his arrival at Mines. Ch. Ghafoor said we are looking forward to develop tourism industries in Pakistan and necessary steps are being taken to achieve this goal.

Khewra Salt Mines and sacred places of Buddhism are located in Pakistan which attract Thai people. We are trying to provide visa on arrival facility so that tourist flow to Pakistan may increase. Thai cuisine dining will also be introduced which is famous all over the world of its taste and ingredients.

Thai Ambassador said that in addition to being the fortress of Islam Pakistan is also the cradle of the great Ghandara Civilization but above religion there are countless unique places of interest for tourists lie in Pakistan. Khewra Salt Mines can truly be said as wonder of world being the 2nd largest salt mines of the world. I am happy that Pakistani authorities are taking good care of this valuable asset.

Khewra Salt Mines are located in the salt range around 200 kilometers from Islamabad in Jhelum District. It is a mojor tourist attraction drawing upto 250,000 visitors a year. Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation is looking after the mines which are currently producing more than 350,000 tons annually.

To promote mines as tourist destination a rail track has been installed in the mines to carry tourists for a familiarization trip. Around 1,000 students in groups visit Khewra every weekend and it is becoming popular amongst many school and colleges.

The main attractions in the mines include 245 feet Assembly hall salt bridge, Sheesh Mahil and Mosque made of salt stone. The temperature inside the mines remains 18 centigrade throughout the year. A hospital for asthma and respiratory problem has been setup near the mines.