Two blind Indus dolphin rescued; says Wild Life officials

SUKKUR: Two blind Indus dolphins were rescued after being found stranded in a lake in Sukkur district. In a statement, Sindh Wildlife Department said on Monday, two rare blind Indus Dolphins were rescued from a lake near Sarfo Pattan area in Sukkur and were released in the Indus River. It is mention over here that the Indus River dolphin has been marked as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). These mammals have to adapt to life in the muddy river water, and are believed since then to be functionally blind. Without eyes, the rare species rely on echolocation to communicate, navigate, and to prey, including catfish, prawns, and carp. The dolphins remain in the lower downstream reaches of the Indus River with grey-brown in colour, sometimes with a pinkish belly, and measure between 1.5 metres and 2.5 metres in length, weighing a maximum of 90 kg.