Two more die of Dengue, death toll due to epidemic rises to 54 in KP

PESHAWAR:Two more persons died here on Thursday because of dengue epidemic, raising the total death toll because of the mosquito borne disease to 54 in Khyber Pakthunkhwa.

According to Dengue Response Unit of Health Department, the deceased were identified as Sagheer

Ahmad son of Ali Zaman age 30 years resident of Manshera. He was admitted to Ayub Teaching Hospital on October 1, 2017.

The other deceased is Nazeera daughter of Nazar Gul age 65 years resident of Haji Banda Achini Peshawar. She was admitted to Khyber Teaching Hospital on October 5, last.

On Thursday (October 12) around 1646 dengue tests were conducted out of which 399 were found positive to the disease.

A total of 153 patients were admitted today in hospital raising the total number of dengue patients presently getting treatment in different hospitals to 418.

About 124 patients were discharged today from different hospitals after improvement in there conditions.