Unity among Muslims, need of the hour: Yousaf

RAWALPINDI: Minister of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Mohammad Yousaf believes that unity of Muslim Ummah is the need of the hour and it is responsibility of all Muslim nations to work for unity.

Addressing Ittehad e Ummat Conference held at Jamia Sirajia Nizami here Thursday, he said, “The Muslim world must play its role for peace in the world, according to the spirit of Islam and guide the humanity.”

He praised the efforts of Ulema for unity among different schools of thought during Muharram, adding the Ministry of Religious Affairs is also working on the same agenda.

Sardar Mohammad Yousaf said creating unity among Ummah is the collective responsibility of all Muslim states.

The minister further stressed that success of the Ummah lies in its unity.

“Every effort to bring Muslims together must be lauded as it is the teaching of Islam and Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him),” he said.

He urged Islamic scholars to show the people right path because it is their religious obligation.