Vegetable prices rise in Hazara

ABBOTTABAD: Vegetable prices including tomato and Onion on Saturday pinch in the pocket of the common man as the prices of both items reach their peak in Hazara.

Price of Tomato crossed 160 rupees per kilogram while Onion prices reached 80 rupees per kilogram whereas the tomato price increased more than 200 percent after Eid-ul-Adha.

On enquiring a vegetable shopkeeper told to reporter that recent price hike was caused by the provincial vacation on first Muharram continued with two weekly off.

The shopkeeper said that nowadays Afghanistan is a major source of tomato import while the Pak Afghan borders would also remain closed during three days which is a blow for the consumer.

On the other hand vegetable price including Pease, Cucumber and Potato also reached the maximum.

Shopkeepers are selling Pease 180 rupees per kilogram, cucumber 80 and potato 30 rupees. Other vegetables are also out of bound for poor segment of the society.

Price-monitoring committees are nowhere in all this scenario where masses are facing illegitimate price hike by the profiteers.