Vocalist Ghulam Abbas opens up for online training of budding talent

MULTAN: Seasoned vocalist Ghulam Abbas is a celebrity art lovers cherish for his skills on traditional singing like Ghazals.

However, being sincere to what he has learnt through the thick and thin of times in the huge world of centuries old art of classical and semi classical singing did not make him oblivious to the modern day advancements in music and information communication technologies.

Ghulam Abbas is not the one who keep his art closest to his chest, hidden from the rest.

He has a modern studio equipped with traditional and modern day music equipment in Lahore and youngsters reach out to him to learn. But, to make it more absorbing in multi dimensions, he has now made his art and skills available online for the budding talent to learn and get trained.

“In this digital era, we need to employ those means of communications that are popular with the younger generation if we want to transfer our art, our heritage to them,” the vocalist told reporter on Wednesday.

He said that social media was the best source of communication.

“Now is the age of cut throat competition and our busy schedule makes it difficult for us to find time to conduct classes and the same also goes for those with appetite to learn.”

“I have now started imparting training through social media platforms like Whatsapp and Skype where I make the budding talent put their vocal cards to test in a group of three to four or even more.”

Educated youngsters were getting training on singing through social media and who knows their involvement triggers innovation, Ghulam Abbas said adding that there exist lot of talent and potential among youngsters from suburbs of big cities.

He said, electronic media has also introduced many youngsters through their talent hunt programmes but social media now holds the ground and emerging as a real platform.

Many young singers have introduced their fan pages on social media where their videos getting viral and the veteran vocalist believed social media can be utilized for promotion of the art of singing. “I am not completely disheartened with the future of music.

The generation I belong to had learnt a lot from the singing icons like Ustaad Salamat Ali Khan, Mehdi Hassan and Malika Tarannum Noor Jahan and it is our duty to transfer the art to next generation for music to keep bringing solace to souls.”