WASA desilting campaign in full swing

FAISALABAD: Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has launched desilting campaign in the city which is in full swing to provide trouble-free sewerage facilities to the residents of this metropolis.

Talking to reporter on Sunday, WASA spokesman said there were 90,000 manholes in Faisalabad city which were under the jurisdiction of WASA to provide sewerage facility to the masses.

A number of manholes were choked and creating problems of overflow in different parts of the city as people threw dead animals and remains of building-construction material including bricks, etc.

Therefore, the WASA decided to launch comprehensive desilting drive in the city and remove entire silt from all manholes and sewerage channels so that trouble-free sewerage facilities could be provided, he added.

He further said special committee was also constituted to probe into the matter and trace out the persons who threw dead animals and buildings material in sewerage channels.

He said WASA spends millions of rupees for desilting, but some irresponsible elements throw solid items in the sewerage-lines which chock the entire system and cause overflow of sewerage.

WASA repeatedly requested the citizens to avoid from throwing solid waste in the sewerage lines rather the solid waste should be dropped in waste containers placed by Faisalabad Waste Management Company (FWMC) in various parts of the city, but some elements do not pay any heed to these requests, he added.

Therefore, the WASA had decided to take members of national and provincial assemblies as well as chairmen of union and city councils into confidence for taking strict action against irresponsible elements.

The parliamentarians and chairmen of union and city councils would also be up-dated regarding WASA steps taken for facilitation of the citizens, he added.

He also appealed to the public not to throw solid items in the sewerage lines, gutters and drains as this material badly chocks the sewerage system and creates a numerous problems.

He requested the people to immediately inform the WASA office if any lid of any gutter is disappeared or stolen in any part of the city so that new lid could be provided without any delay.