Whistle blowing gusty winds subdued after disrupting life for four consecutive days in KP

PESHAWAR: The whistle blowing gusty winds which remained in progress for four consecutive days in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa finally subdued on Friday afternoon after disturbing life in most parts of the province.

The dry wind started a few days earlier and kept on blowing continuously sometimes touching the velocity of 75 to 80 kilometers per hours.

Unusual dry storm which is witnessed for the first time in the month of March also terrorized dwellers of the province by vibrating doors and windows during night time.

According to Met office, this unusual weather change is result of a well marked low pressure which persisted over western parts of Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics.

“The low pressure was not getting moisture from any source and thus dry air was emerging from all around thus generating dust raising winds and strong gusty winds, ” said Dr. Muhammad Fahim, Deputy Director MET KP.

Today (Friday) these winds have been stopped and not to appear again in the region in the near future, Fahim told reporter.

He said usually such winds arrives for a couple of hours, but this time its duration was very long expanding over days which also was surprising for Met department officials.

About reasons, he said, it need to be checked and research as weather it is a result of climate change or any other reason.

Fahim also agreed that this is the first time that such a long duration dry wind storm is reported in the province.

These were dry weather and may create some temporary health issues for people like skin dryness or dry cough etc, Fahim guessed.

However, he continued, the unusual high speed winds may prove damaging for fruit giving trees. He said in spring most of the fruit giving trees are in the stage of flowering and this winds would have damaged the pollination process.

In merits to insert here that strong winds in KP badly damaged electricity supply system in different districts of province by uprooting some towers and damaging power lines. Reports of trees uprooting and falling of billboards were also reported from different parts of the province.