Woman gives birth to conjoined twins

MULTAN: A woman has given birth to conjoined twins as head of one new born is attached to chest and belly of the other kid, who has normal body parts, with proper functioning.

However, the first kid is little in size and has face (head) and one leg only.

According to Childern Hospital Sources, wife of Mushtaq, resident of Totipura, situated near City station, gave birth (normal) to conjoined twins on September 23, 2017. Due to lack of oxygen for breathing, the children were admitted to Children Complex.

DMS Dr Sanwal and Dr Khuzaima informed that such twins were called in conjoined twins. They informed that one kid, who is normal, have more chance of life. However, they were conducting different tests including city scan, echocardiography, city scan of chest and some other tests.

According to initial reports, the second kid lacked lungs, and one leg. Similarly, his intestine is also very small.

The decision of surgery would be taken in consultation with other doctors, after completion of the tests.