Work on 15 Polo grounds promised continued in Lower, Upper Chitral continue: PD Murad Ali

CHITRAL: Work on 21 playing facilities including 15 polo grounds promised by Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan under Prime Minister 1000 Playground Project costing Rs. 165 million was in full in Upper and Lower Chitral.

Project Director (PD) Prime Minister 1000 Playground Facilities, Murad Ali Mohmand, during his visit to Lower and Upper Chitral informed that all such projects would be completed by June 30, 2021.

The team included Project Director Murad Ali Mohmand, Deputy Director Amir Muhammad Betani, DSO Farooq Azam, former DSO Abdul Rahmat, C&W and Engineers Paras Ahmed, Omar Shehzad and Chitral Polo Association President Shehzada Sikandar.

Talking to media men, Murad Ali Mohmand said as per the promise of Chief Minister KP Mahmood Khan, construction work on various grounds including national and international standard sports facilities was in full swing in all the districts of the province including Lower and Chitral.

He said on the special instruction and preparing a comprehensive report about the PM 1000 Playground Project including 21 ongoing playing facilities with a record construction of 15 polo grounds to be submitted to the Secretary Sports Abid Majeed, DG Sports Asfandyar Khattak who would present a detail briefing to Chief Minister KP.

He said it was in the history of Chitral and the love shown by Chief Minister KP Mahmood Khan with the people of Chitral to have 15 polo grounds for the King Game and Game of King Polo. The project after completion would be handed over to the department by June 2021.

The PM 1000 Playground Project, PMU and Engineers visited 21 grounds worth Rs 165 million in Chitral and reviewed the work at Lower Chitral. 9 grounds of 74.93 million in Saweer, Sosoom, Phantom, Darosh, Brinas, Garamchashma, Gabor and 12 grounds of 90.31 in Baroom, Boni, Laspur, Rhine, Reshoon, Snowghor, Gohkir in Upper Chitral.

Baram Oweer Polo ground in Upper Chitral, and Gobar Polo Grounds will cost Rs 6.5 million on which 80 per cent work has been completed. The grounds will be completed by June which will also have the facility to play cricket and football.

The Harcheen ground will cost Rs 8.66 million.

It would be the largest polo grand in Chitral Upper. Work has been started and it will be completed by June 30. The Kurkun will be a multi-purpose grand facility to play football, cricket and volleyball which will be sent to the DDWP for approval.

The proposed football ground in the Zopoo will cost Rs 2.5 million. The design will be prepared and sent to DDWP for approval.

At the request of MPA Wazirzada, the project team visited the villages of Yarkhon and met the local elders who demanded the construction of volleyball courts in the villages. The elders are told that their demand would be referred to Secretary Sports Abid Majeed for consideration.

The Poonch Polo Ground in Mastuj is estimated to cost Rs 8.6 million. The ground will be ready in May while work on the Mastuj Polo ground will start next week. The Khost Polo ground is 95 percent completed, but the court has issued a restraining order until April 6.

The locals agreed to give another 150 feet of land for the Dronga Polo Ground, on which the team agreed to construct sporting facilities. The team held a Jirga with the people of Passion Dar in Gohir to resolve the dispute over the ground land. It was decided to review the scheme so that the dispute could be resolved.

The team visited Laspor where the government has approved the construction of the grand, which would cost Rs 6.5 million. The team has a 10-day visit to Upper and Lower Chitral and would also monitor the quality of work going on various Playground Projects.