World Haemophilia Day will mark on April 17 in Sukkur

SUKKUR : World Haemophilia Day will be observed on 17th April in Sukkur to advocate a global effort to ensure appropriate care and treatment for a disease that is the oldest known genetic bleeding disorder caused by a deficiency in the genes.

Even as the country emphasizes on headline-grabbing ailments, haemophilia, a little known blood disorder, is turning out to be a plague with more than 50, 000 people affected.

Haemophilia generally transmits at birth from an affected father to daughter, who then becomes a carrier of the haemophilia cells who is at higher risk of passing the defective gene on to her children.

The disease is not curable, but with proper knowledge and treatment it can be handled. World Haemophilia Day is targeted to stepping up awareness of haemophilia and other bleeding disorders.