Youm-e-Ali (AS) observed with religious fervour

Attock:The Youm-e -Ali (AS) was observed on Monday with religious fervour and reverence in the city to pay tribute to the Fourth Caliph of Islam on the day of his martyrdom.

In this regards the Imam Bargah Punjatani Attock City held Majlis-e Aza under the supervision of Secretary General Asad Abbas of Anjuman Bazm-e- Imam Mehdi(a.s) and Caretaker president Syed Ather Zaidi of Anjuman Janisaran-e- Hussain(a.s).

They also met the Assistant Commissioner Zaib-un Nisa, ASP Jawad Ishaque and SHO City Mazhar ul Islam who requested to make sure all the SOPs will be followed as per government directive.

Assistant Commissioner Attock asked not to take procession outside of Imam Bargah due to COVID spread on which the Imam bargah administration assured to follow all the protocols. Majlis-e-Aza was held inside the Imam Bargah Punjatani in which local religious speaker Hafiz Zafar addressed the majlis to speak about Hazrat Ali (a.s) and mentioned that his life-style is fatal for oppression and brutality and all difficulties could be over come by making his saying a beacon of light rather all type of fear,harassment and terrorism could also be rooted out by doing so. Hazrat Ali (a.s) is a great Rahbar who spent all his life serving the religion and defending Islam and did not bow down his head before the evil force. At the end of Majlis-e Aza Shabih-e-taboot was taken out inside imam bargah.