Youth emphasized to be sensitized towards climate change issues

HYDERABAD: The speakers at an event held to acknowledge work of a short film director on climate change emphasized that the youth ought to be sensitized towards the climate change issues.

Speaking at the event here on Saturday Vice Chancellor University of Sindh Prof Dr Fateh Mohammad Burfat said the climate change was heavily affecting all segments of the society in Pakistan as well as globally.”The solution to the climate change problem should also come from the humans,” he believed.

He urged the community to make themselves aware on the threats of the climate change. The VC said quality education could lead to sustainable development. Eminent educationist Prof Qalander Shah said the anthropological studies should be conducted to determine the impacts of climate change on poverty.

He said the number of fauna and flora species of Sindh were vanished due to sheer impact of changing environment.

Nasir Ali Panhwar, the environmental activist, said the youth of rural areas had immense potential which needed to be capitalized to combat the daunting challenge. He said the climate change was a matter of life and death and it should be popularized so that common people could prepare themselves better. Panhwar pointed out how the sea intrusion had affected the Indus delta as well as livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people who live in those areas. Senior Journalist and faculty member of Media and Communication Studies Department of SU Sohil Sangi said the department had produced quality students, who were serving in various fields of the media.

Ashfauqe Soomro of RDF said the human security was linked to protection of nature and natural resources. He said the academia could play a vital role to address climate change threats through research suggesting solutions to the problems. At the event student Imtiaz Abbasi’s short film, which won a competition organized by European Union and WWF Pakistan, was also displayed.The short documentary depicted climate change and poverty situation in Kaacho area, which is a mountainous terrain in Dadu district.Abbasi told that despite hurdles he attempted to be a part of the competition and ended up wining it. He suggested that the students of remote areas should be encouraged to use their knowledge and skills. Senior journalist Naz Sahito, research scholar Noor Ahmed Janjhi, Prof Dr Ismail Kumbhar of Sindh Agriculture University and other speakers also shared their views on the climate issued.