175 booked over violation of ban on Basant festival

RAWALPINDI:Rawalpindi Police have arrested as many as 175 people as part of a crackdown against those involved in kite flying, aerial firing and loudspeaker acts after the provincial government decided not to restore the Basant festival.

Police also seized over 120,000 kites, more than 300 string rolls, kite flying material, sound system, arms and ammunition from their possession.

Police also used drones and other cameras to trace violators of the ban from the roofs of houses, plazas, hotels and buildings across the city.

The Race Course Police detained 66 accused with 3450 kites, 125 string rolls and two sound systems, Civil Line Police held 28 person with 1582 kites, 53 string rolls, 4 pistol 30 more with ammunition and two sound system, Naseerabad PS apprehended 13 person and recovered 82 kites, 13 string rolls, R A Bazar PS arrested six person with with 170 kites, five string rolls, 2 pistol 30 bore with ammunition, Airport Police booked 4 person with 250 kites and 5 string rolls, Cantt Police held two person and recovered 200 kites and six string rolls.

Meanwhile, GanjMandi PS netted six violators with 549 kites and nine string rolls, New Town PS arrested two lawbreakers and recovered 10 kites and one string roll, Ratta Amral police held three person and recovered 334 kites and three string rolls, Waris Khan PS apprehended two accused and recovered 45 kites and two string rolls, Saddar Beroni Police netted 5 persons with 135 kites, two string rolls, 1 pistol 30 bore with ammunition while Rawat Police Booked three kite sellers and recovered 620 kites and 35 string rolls from their custody.

On Basant night, Rawalpindi police also arrested 36 accused and recovered 5,000 kites and 69 strings rolls.

Separate cases were registered against the accused.

On the special directives of CPO, SSP Operations, Shoaib Mehmood, SP Pothohar Syed Ali and other senior police officers visited various areas of the city and supervised the crackdowns against the violators.