25 percent population of South Waziristan to benefit from Ehsaas initiatives

PESHAWAR: The twenty-five percent population of South Waziristan will benefit from the ‘Ehsaas’ initiatives for the social-economic transformation of district this year.

The official figures shows that more than 35, 000 children were likely to benefit from ‘Waseela-e-Taleem Digital’ and 20, 000 families to benefit from ‘Ehsaas Kafaalat programme’ this year.

Two Nashonuma Centers will be established in South Waziristan this year , which will benefit as many as 2, 500 children and mother.

A Women Empowerment Center will also be established that will annually impart livelihood skills to 200 deserving women.

During last year (2019-20), Ehsaas interest free loans worth Rs 119 million would be provided to 3, 706 people to run small enterprises.

Under the ‘Ehsas Amdan’, small income-generating assets worth Rs 240 million have been allocate for 4, 000 deserving households to graduate them out of poverty.

Around 102 scholarships have been awarded through Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship programme , to deserving and talented students of South Waziristan in the year 2019-20.