29 arrested for flying kites

FAISALABAD: Police arrested 29 people for flying kites from different parts of the city and recovered kites and other paraphernalia from them during the last 24 hours.

Police said on Tuesday the police arrested Muhammad Naeem, Amir Ali and Zain from T-Chowk,

Sajid Ali from Juwala Nagar, Hamza, Yousuf from 240 Mor, Hafiz Jamshaid from Jinnah Colony,

Nauman, Owais and Rehman from Marriage Hall HR area, Adeel Aslam, Saad Azeem and Abdul

Shakoor from Kokianwala, Umar, Siddique, Younus, Abrar, Daim, Owais and Ishtiaq from Narwala

Road, Usama Farooq, Rafaqat Ali and Taimoor, etc. from Quba Chowk Madina Town.