35 outlaws caught; drugs, illegal weapons seized

HAFIZABAD:During targeted operation against criminals, police of Hafizabad, Pindi Bhattian, Jalalpur Bhattian and city Hafizabad arrested 35 outlaws including eleven proclaimed offenders (POs) and recovered drugs and illegal weapons from them.

According to a press release issued by DPO office here, the police arrested notorious drug peddlers and recovered 13 kilograms charas, 85 litres liquor, 3 kalashnikovs, rifle, gun and seven pistols as well as hundreds of rounds from them.

Meanwhile, the city police Hafizabad arrested Shamim Akhter and her husband Umar Daraz on the charges of defrauding a villager Kashif Mehmood of Kot Nawan and obtaining cash and gold ornament worth million of rupees on the false promise of contracting marriage. The couple had lodged bogus FIR of gang rape against victim Kashif.

According to police, accused Shamim Akhtar had got registered a case against Kashif Mehmood on allegation that Kashif and two others gang raped her and the police arrested Kashif Mehmood. However, during investigation it (FIR) was proved to be baseless allegation. Shamim Akhtar confessed that she extorted gold ornaments and cash worth million of rupees from victim Kashif, and lodged false case against him.

The police arrested the couple and retrieved cash, gold ornaments and cell phone from their possession.