Administration conducts 1197 raids against hoarders, profiteers

RAWALPINDI:Under a campaign launched by Rawalpindi District government against profiteering and hoarding, 1197 raids were conducted in seven Tehsils of the district during last 24 hours and fines amounting to Rs 343,000 were imposed against 200 violators while two FIRs were also registered.

According to a District Administration spokesman, the District Administration constituted teams to check profiteering, hoarding, display of rate lists of daily use items and on the recommendations of the teams and on their report two cases were registered.

He said, the administration under vigorous campaign against profiteering and hoarding conducted total 22,130 raids during May while the violators were imposed fines amounting to over 6.7 million rupees.

Following the directives of the Punjab government, special teams were constituted to conduct raids against hoarders, profiteers and adulterers and those found indulged in violation of the law were sent behind the bars while several persons found involved in profiteering, not displaying price lists and violating hygiene standards were also issued warnings, he added.

He said, the special campaign against profiteering would continue to ensure provision of daily use items on controlled rates. The steps were being taken aimed at providing relief to the consumers, he added.