Bajaur rescue service 1122 tackles 265 emergencies in one month

PESHAWAR:The district emergency service-Rescue 1122 of tribal district Bajaur is effectively contributing its services to citizens during emergency situations, tackling 265 cases successfully across the district during the last month.

Sharing performance report of February, District Emergency Officer Amjad Khan said that Rescue service 1122 responded promptly and timely while tackling emergencies in one month, which included 31 road accidents, 143 medical emergencies, one fire incident, three clash incidents, two drowning incidents and 14 other emergencies of various nature.

He said that rescue 1122 service of the district also provided services to people of remote areas and safely shifted several patients from one hospital to another hospital of the district.

He said that Rescue 1122 was giving top priority to saving the lives of citizens.