Campaign against underage drivers, motorcyclists continues

BATTAGRAM:The traffic police drive against underage drivers, motorcyclists and tinted glass Saturday continues on the fourth day and charged hundreds of underage drivers in various traffic violations.

The drive was launched on special directives of the District Police Officer (DPO) Battagram Tariq Sohail Marwat against underage drivers, illegal motorcycles, without helmet motorcycling, tinted glass, without number plate vehicles, public transporters including Rickshaw without stop pick and drop.

During the drive, the police issued challans to hundreds of underage drivers and tinted glass, without a number plate, underage drivers and without helmet motorcyclist and other traffic violations.

According to the police sources, the drive was launched to eradicate the illegal number plates, unregistered motorcycles , tinted glass vehicles, and without documents motorcycles from the district.

The DPO also directed traffic police to take strict action against violators of traffic rules in accordance with the law and keep an eye on suspicious vehicles.

During this campaign, traffic police are also educating the drivers about the traffic laws.

The police urged the citizens to cooperate to make their journey safe while the drive is in progress at various places in the district and will continue till the end of the week.