Campaign conducted to create awareness about fatal diseases

RAWALPINDI: The communication teams of RWMC and Albaryak carried out a campaign in inner streets and markets of the city to create awareness among residents about the cleanliness situation and precautionary measures to contain fatal diseases.

Through awareness campaign, the teams requested the residents, shopkeepers & traders of Chamanzar Colony, UC-45 to follow the SOP’s regarding corona i.e. to wash hands with soap for 20 seconds, keep distance, wear mask, avoid gatherings, cover nose and face if there is flue or cough.

During the winter pollution of vehicles, burning waste mix with fog causes smog which was vulnerable for human health, the teams briefed.

People were also informed not to burn the waste and were advised to dump it in the waste containers or hand it over to the waste specialists of the companies.

Precautionary measures regarding dengue fever were also highlighted.

Moreover, the Help line number 1139 was spotted among the localities so that they can feel free to register their confronting issues regarding to sanitation and cleanliness.