Cattle farmers urged to get their animals treated from qualified veterinary doctors

MULTAN: Non qualified veterinary doctors, working in rural area of south Punjab are playing havoc with animals health and depriving farmers from not only handsome production of milk, meat but also putting animals lives in danger.

According to official sources, the animals health underwent different issues when the quacks used antibiotics during treatment. The quacks did not know about exact dose of antibiotics. Mostly, the animals avail under-dose of antibiotics which develop resistant. When an animal develops resistant then it became complicated to treat such animal. For different diseases, there are different antibiotics, however, the quacks use some particular antibiotics for cattle health and they did not have any idea about its efficacy.

When contacted Deputy Director Livestock Dr Jamshaid Akhtar, he informed that a careful approach was essential for use of antibiotics in animals. Usually, the under-dose or extra-dose, damage animals rumen (Ojhary). Rumen is very much important as it secrets such enzymes which help fodder digestion. Similarly, the quacks don’t know about withdrawal time of antibiotics. About withdrawal time, the Deputy Director observed, antibiotics effects remained in animals so milk or meat should not be used for at least 72 hours. Different antibiotics have different withdrawal timing, he maintained.

Sometimes, cattle farmers, themselve start treating their animals. They utilized unnecessary antibiotics which also create problems in animals health.

The Deputy Director Livestock suggested cattle farmers to get their animals treated from qualified veterinary doctors and avoid self-medication for their animals. Animals are precious asset for the farmers and they should take maximum care of the animals.