City traffic police cracks down against mafia, imposes fines on 917 people

PESHAWAR: City Traffic Police Peshawar has imposed fines on 917 people in the last one month while conducting operations against the encroachment mafia in different sectors of the city. According to details, on the direction of Chief Traffic Officer Abbas Majeed Khan Marwat, the officials of City Traffic Police Peshawar directed the mafia to voluntarily end the encroachments across the city and pamphlets were also regularly distributed among them.

There were words about the problems caused by the encroachments but the mafia was not carrying out the encroachments. City Traffic Police Peshawar personnel carried out operations in different sectors and arrested 917 people.

Fines were imposed while 192 motorbikes were parked in the terminal for parking motorbikes in nine parking zones. Chief Traffic Officer Abbas Majeed Khan Marwat has said that the encroaching mafia should voluntarily put an end to the encroachments otherwise strict legal action will be taken against them as establishing encroachments will cause severe difficulties to transporters and passers-by.

He said that citizens should park their motorcycles and vehicles in the parking stand while in nine parking zones the vehicles of those who park their motorcycles and vehicles will be stopped in the terminal.

Chief Traffic Officer Abbas Majeed Khan Marwat directed the traffic authorities to continue operations against the encroaching mafia and not to be lenient with anyone.