Computerized registration of birth, death, nikah, divorce certificates in AJK begins

MIRPUR (AJK): Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) government and National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) Friday reached a pact for the computerized registration of birth, death, nikah and divorce certificates.

AJK Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan attended the ceremony held in the federal Metropolis to sign the agreement between the AJK Local government and Rural Development and NADRA.

Speaking on the occasion, the prime minister said the agreement would help remove the flaws in the system and provide a guideline to the AJK government for formulating better planning, preparations of budget and finalizing the policy management.

He said in view of the statistics which will be provided by the NADRA, the government will formulate a strategy to extend better facilitates to the masses.

He said the registration of birth in the state was a good omen and would help remove bottlenecks from the system.

Prime Minister Farooq Haider Khan was informed during briefing that the signing of agreement with NADRA would also facilitate the overseas Kashmiris for the issuance of computerized certificates. Under the direction of the prime minister, the local government has prepared a software with the help of NADRA to meet the requirements of the modern era and to maintain authentic statistics of the birth in the state.

Speaking on the occasion, the NADRA chairman said 37000 children have been registered while more than 300,000 children would be registered in next three years.

The committees have been set up in every village of the state by the local government and rural development to register births and deaths, he said adding that the agreement would go a long way for transparent registration and also improve the performance of the department.