CTO advises bikers to use of back view mirrors

RAWALPINDI:City Traffic Officer (CTO) Rawalpindi Mazhar Iqbal has advised the bikers to use back view mirrors as one glance can save a two wheeler’s life.

According to a City Traffic Police (CTO) spokesman, the CTO had directed the City Traffic Police (CTP) Education Wing (EW) to accelerate the awareness campaign about use of back view mirrors.

Mazhar Iqbal said most of the road accidents and deaths of the bikers reported, were because of non-usage of back view mirrors.

Side-view mirrors are an important road safety aid, he said adding, the CTP had taken a new initiative to make roads safer for two-wheeler riders.

The spokesman informed that CTP also distributed awareness pamphlets and back view mirrors among motorcycles under ongoing awareness campaign launched by Education Wing of CTP here the other day.

He said, the CTP were making efforts to spread awareness about the rear view mirror which must be used by the two-wheeler riders, as these mirrors are the rear eye of the drivers during heavy flow of traffic on roads.

The CTP Education Wing officials had been directed to make the two-wheeler riders aware of the importance of rear view mirrors, he informed.

Mazhar Iqbal had also directed the CTP Education Wing to accelerate the public awareness campaign about traffic rules and road safety.

The CTO directed the officials concerned to ensure that the road users strictly observe traffic signs, signals, traffic rules and regulations on the city roads.

He said that maximum pamphlets should be distributed among the public, especially frequent road users, to spread awareness about traffic rules and road safety.

He said that the Education Wing had been making efforts to spread road safety awareness among the public so that travelling could be made safe and easy for all road users.