CTP chalk out traffic plan for Eid ul Azha; 520 Traffic Wardens to be deployed

RAWALPINDI:City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi have chalked out a comprehensive traffic plan for Eid ul Azha under which enhanced number of traffic wardens would be deployed in main city areas aimed at avoiding traffic mess during Eid ul Azha prayers.

A control room has been set up at Traffic Police Headquarters to monitor the situation.

According to City Traffic Officer (CTO) Rawalpindi Syed Ali Akbar, all out efforts would be made to control traffic on city roads especially on 9th Zilhaj, Youm-e-Arfa

(Chand Raat). As many as 520 Traffic Wardens, 76 Traffic Assistant, 30 Inspectors and seven DSPs would be on duty to regulate traffic on city roads. One-wheelers would be dealt in accordance with the law.

Traffic wardens have been directed to impound motorcycles of one-wheelers in respective police stations.

He urged the citizens particularly parents to play a role to curb the activity as one wheeling, rash and negligent driving are the main causes for fatal accidents.

All the traffic officers and wardens have also been directed to remain present at their duty points so that no traffic jam could be witnessed, he added.

The CTO told that all out efforts are being made by Rawalpindi Traffic Police to facilitate the road users.

He said in view of the security of the citizens, special traffic arrangements have been made. Parking of vehicles near Mosques, Imam Bargahs and other religious places will not be allowed during Eid prayers.

Under the plan, traffic police officers have been directed to keep a vigilant eye on suspicious vehicles. Strict action in accordance with the law has also been ordered against vehicles having tinted glasses or moving in the city without number plates, he added.

The CTO said traffic wardens have also been directed to work with dedication and commitment and ensure the traffic flow so that traffic mess particularly on congested roads could be averted and the citizens could be provided relief.

CTP have also made special arrangements for Murree. 12 special pickets would be set up at entry and exit points of the hill station as due to coronavirus, the provincial government has banned entry of the tourists in Murree during Eid holidays while the residents of the hill station and adjoining areas would be allowed to enter Murree.