CTP Education Wing accelerates traffic awareness campaign

RAWALPINDI: City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi on the directives of Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Rai Mazhar Iqbal have accelerated their ongoing traffic awareness campaign.

According to a CTP spokesman, the Education Wing has organized an awareness program here at Chairing Cross Chowk which was participated by a large number school students. The CTO and the students distributed traffic awareness pamphlets and chocolates among the road users.

Due to heavy traffic load which was increasing day by day in the town, traffic problems were being faced, he said adding, smooth flow of traffic on the roads has become a challenge for the CTP which were making all out efforts to regulate the traffic.

He said the CTP Education Wing had also been directed to accelerate the public awareness campaign about traffic rules and road safety.

The CTO said the officials were instructed to ensure that the road users strictly observe traffic signs, signals, traffic rules and regulations on the city roads.

He said that maximum pamphlets should be distributed among the public, especially frequent road users, to spread awareness about traffic rules and road safety.

The Education Wing was also arranging lectures, seminars, walks and radio programmes and using other mediums of communication to spread awareness among the general public.

The CTO informed that the CTP officials were creating awareness about traffic rules among the citizens as well as striving hard to regulate the city traffic.

The citizens, during the awareness campaign, were also being informed that the use of mobile phone while driving was dangerous and the habit should be avoided altogether.

He said that the education wing had been making efforts to spread road safety awareness among the public so that traveling could be made safe and easy for all road users.