Demand of wheat harvesting reaper machines increased before season

MULTAN: The demand of new wheat harvesting reaper machines and other equipments has been increased due to advance arrangements for wheat harvesting season which was expected to start in the next few days.

The wheat harvesting reaper machine was being manufactured at local workshops on advance orders which offered discount to farmers. A large numbers of farmers have been witnessed visiting different workshops to get their old wheat harvesting machines repaired and ordering new reaper machines before start of the harvesting season.

A workshop owner namely Ghulam Mustafa told reporter that the demand of reaper machine has been increased as the wheat harvesting season was about to start in next few days. He said that most of the people ordered for the machines in advance in order to get discount due to off season. He said that a new reaper machine was being offered at Rs 120, 000 to 135, 000 at his workshops and added that he has given these machines at 95, 000 to 100, 000 each to the farmers who had ordered about three months ago. He said that more than 20 new machines have been sold through his workshop this year while over 35 have been repaired yet.

Another workshop owner Ejaz Hussain informed that eleven farmers has given him advance orders for new reaper machine and delivery would be given to them before March 15. He said that the new reaper machine was being sold at 120, 000 and above but he was offering it at Rs 100, 000 in advance orders.

A local farmer Muhammad Afzal Iqbal told that he used to harvest his own crop every year and also gave his reaper machine on rent to other farmers. He said that he earned a handsome amount every year through the machine. He said that he had purchased a new reaper machine last year at Rs 95000 which was available at Rs 135, 000 in the market this year.

Another farmer Aamir Shahzad informed that he has ordered a new reaper machine to a workshop at Rs 89, 000 which would be delivered in next few days and added that the same machine would be available at Rs 100, 000 or above near the season.

It is pertinent to mention here that due to shortage of labourers for manual wheat harvesting, the demand of wheat reaper machine has been increased from last few years. The lack of labour has compelled local farmers to visit different workshops to get new wheat harvesting reaper.

On the other hand, agriculture was being turned towards latest technology which not only save money but it was also save time to enable farmers to cultivate next crop in time.