Former women councillors call for conducting local bodies election

MUZAFFARGARH:A group of former women councillors demanded of conducting local bodies election without further delay across the country, during press conference arranged here Saturday.

Group members including Shehnaz Zulfikar, Asia Kusar, Suriya, Shehnaz Gul, Ameer Bibi, Um-e-kalsoom Syal, Rani Waheeda Malik, Rida Zainab, Humaira Tabbassm and many others came up on platform of Hum Nigran group, pressed on Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), parliament and political parties to abide by their constitutional responsibilities and remove every hitches which are emerging in the way of conducting free and fair local bodies election in the country.

They termed establishment of local bodies need of the time, with any kind of delay would be tantamount to deviating from constitutional responsibilities.

Mant articles of the constitution held it clearly that authority of using state’s resources would remain as sole prerogative of the elected representatives of the people. As per article 140-A of the constitution, every province was held bound to discharge its political, administrative and financial powers to local governments. ECP had to conduct local bodies election after regular time period, they remarked.

According to them, local bodies was fundamental stair of bringing women, youth, minorities and even deprived segments of the society to the mainstream politics.

We are holding same appeal to the courts being custodian of fundamental rights of the people to play their role to ensure conducting the election at earliest here. The courts must vacate all interim orders being put in place on different writ petitions for conducting local bodies election, they concluded.