Gadoon Industrial Estate to soon have new feeder, Chairman BoD Pesco assures businessmen

PESHAWAR:Vice President, Businessmen Panel Pakistan, Executive Member of FPPCI and President Gadoon Industrial Association, Fazal Rahim Jadoon on Monday held a meeting with Chairman BoD Pesco, Aimr Zafar and discussed with him matters pertaining to overloading and tripping of feeders at the Gadoon Industrial Estate.

The meeting also discussed in detail installation of a new feeder at Gadoon Industrial Estate and MVK40 transformer to overcome issues related to electricity.

The meeting was attended by executive members of Swabi Chamber of Commerce and Gadoon Industry Association.

Chairman BoD Pesco assured the meeting that soon a second feeder would be installed at Gadoon Industrial Estate while the overloaded 2026 transformer would also be replaced with a MVA 40 transformer that would address the frequent tripping issue of the feeder and provide round the clock uninterrupted power supply to the industrial estate.

Fazal Raheem told the Chairman BoD Pesco that Gadoon Industrial Estate has hundreds of industrial units and a single feeder was unable to cope with heavy demand of the electricity adding the factory owners were facing difficulties in fulfilling the demand of their products. He said there was also a possibility that hundreds of factory workers may lose their jobs.

The Chairman BoD also gave approval for installation of new feeder and transformer at the Gadoon Industrial Estate and assured that work on the project would soon get started. He said before the advent of summer season issues related to electricity would be addressed at Gadoon Industrial Estate.