Hand carts labourers staged protest demonstration against TMA officials

SWABI: : Small Swabi Traders, shopkeepers, daily venders and hand carts (Hath Rari) laborers Wednesday staged a protest demonstration here at the Peace Square against the TMA Swabi officials for lifting their hand carts parked in different localities of the city bazaars and throwing out their loaded fruits, vegetables and other usable daily items from their respective hands carts.

The protesters were of the views that the officials of the TMA along with police came during early morning hours and lifted their parked hand carts and threw their fruits, vegetables, and other items loaded on their carts to sell in the markets in the day time.

“There is lockdown and we are not even in position to feed our families while on the other hand, the negative approach of the TMA officials towards poor laborers and venders compelled them to go for suicide, ” they said while chanting anti-TMA slogans.

“From where we will buy things for our families as Ramazan is approaching nearer. who will feed our families if we will not make any business through selling daily use items, ” the poor laborers questioned.

The protesters announced that there would be a complete shutdown strike in the city against the said incident.

They were of the view that the administration had taken action against the poor laborers and Hath Rari venders without any prior notice and the officials had taken their hand carts in the name of encroachment.

They urged the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan to take notice of the incident and action against the officials of the district administration and TMA officials.