Ikhtiar Wali accuses PTI Govt for using official machinery for Mardan show

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Muslim League-N leader and Member Provincial Assembly, Ikhtiar Wali Khan here Friday accused Pakistan Tahrik e Insaf Government in Khyber Pakthunkhwa for using official machinery for success of Mardan show after the lackluster response of the Mardanians.

In a statement here, Ikhtiar Wali said the lavish use of official resources and vehicles by the PTI for its today public meeting in Mardan has exposed Imran Khan’s tall claims of good governance, austerity and transparent use of Government’s money on the development and welfare of people of the province.

“My question is from Imran Khan that where his tall claims of good governance and austerity measures stand. Is KP Government’s exchequer is meant to promote his agitation politics and make lavish spending for political gains,” he said.

The PMLN leader said Tohsa Khana scandal had exposed Ex PM’s designs for lust of money, adding Imran had neither fulfilled promise of constructing five million houses for poor people nor provided jobs to one million youth besides unable to convert PM house into a university as per his promise.