Institute of Physics holds seminar, speakers share researches

BAHAWALPUR:As a part of the seminar series continued at the Institute of Physics, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, the second seminar was held in which the first speaker was Dr Gulnaz, Assistant Professor, who talked about “Ligand-assisted synthesis of metal and metal oxide nanostructures”.

The second speaker Dr Waqar Azeem, Assistant Professor, presented the research on “Defect-mediated functionalization of ZnO based materials”.

Both speakers shared their valuable research and experiences. Dr Altaf Hussain, Associate Professor, gave a brief overview of his material simulation group (MSG).

He emphasized the importance of material stimulation and its role in boosting the worth of the experimental study.

Dr Noor-ul-Ain, Assistant Professor highlighted the role of graphene and graphene quantum dots for optoelectronic devices. Prof. Dr Saeed Ahmad Buzdar, Director Institute of Physics and the faculty of the institute attended and praised the active participation of the faculty members in the seminar session.