Jamshoro Police found three dead bodies

HYDERABAD: The Jamshoro police found three dead bodies including two of young boys on Friday from different localities.

According to the police, the dead body of 13 years old Zeeshan Brohi was found from a saline water channel in a village in Jamshoro. The boy had gone missing on February 16.

The police said the cause of Brohi’s drowning was not known and further investigation was underway.

In a separate incident a 10 years old boy Zain Ali Laghari lost his life after falling in his house’s underground water tank. The police said Laghari remained missing for several hours before his body was found in the tank.

The Jamshoro police found another dead body of an unknown man, aged around 50 years, near Chapra hotel in Nooriabad area.

The police said the injuries on his body showed that he was probably hit by a vehicle on M9 Motorway and the accident was not witnessed by anyone due to the dark of the night.

The body was shifted to the Edhi morgue while his fingerprints were taken for identification through NADRA.