Kasur police arrest 45 criminals

KASUR: Police claimed on Sunday to have arrested 45 criminals including seven members of two dacoit gangs

from various parts of the district and recovered looted items worth Rs 1.3 million and illegal weapons

from their possession during the last 24 hours.

Ganda Singhwala police arrested two drug peddlers and recovered 45 litres liquor from their possession.

Mandi Usmanwala police arrested 25 criminals involved in different crimes.

Sheikham police arrested eleven gangsters involved in robberies and recovered stolen items worth

Rs 300,000 from their possession.

Phoolnagar police arrested two drug peddlers and recovered 2 kg hashish from them. A case has been

registered against the accused.

Similarly, Sarai Mugal police arrested five members of an inter-district robbers gang and recovered stolen

goods worth Rs 1 million from them.

DPO Kasur, Imran Kishwar said that operation against criminals was being conducted on daily basis.