Mar-Apr best time for grafting of citrus plants

MULTAN:Agriculture experts have advised orchard owners to opt for grafting of citrus plants in Mar-April for best results.

In a statement issued here Thursday, agriculture spokesman quoting experts, said that success of an orchard depend on grafting with genuine variety, selection of wood, and method of grafting. Grafting also carry an additional benefit, spokesman said adding that it accelerates the growth of seedless citrus like Malta, grape fruit or seedless kino.

He said that root stocks that has good production potential and resistance against diseases can leave good impact on plants in case of their grafting. He said that farmers should apply Urea with water on root stock two weeks before the planned grafting. Root stock was ready for use in grafting when its girth becomes equal to that of a pencil. He said that graft wood should be taken only from those plants that were healthy and give good production. And graft wood should be taken only from those branches that carry higher number of fruit of almost equal size.

Farmers should avoid using sprout wood for grafting. He said that the graft wood should have white lines on it and should be of the age of 9-12 months. If graft wood had its buds damaged then it should not be used.