Mega plantation drive under Clean Green Pakistan kicks off at Danin Lasht

CHITRAL: Under the Clean and Green Pakistan program, a mega plantation campaign was organized at Dinin Lisht on Friday wherein speakers also highlighted the benefits of plantation and afforestation.

Addressing the function, Divisional Forest Officer Ahmed Jalal told the participants that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced to plant ten billion saplings in the country which will help in overcoming the deforestation in the country.

There were also countries in the world where the rate of forestation was more than 80%, thanks to which we got oxygen today. He said in the past money was earned by cutting down trees but today the sapling nurseries and plantations offer a good business.

Other speakers said the rate of forestation should be increased to control greenhouse gases and other environmental pollutants. “These trees are our friends. Not only do they provide us fresh oxygen, but they also play a key role in reducing the impact of natural disasters, ” experts said.

They said that tree planting not only gives us overall benefits but also a part of our religious teachings as our religion has emphasized on planting trees, declaring it a continuous charity.

The speakers said that in Chitral, all people use firewood for cooking and keeping themselves warm. They said the land purchased for LPG gas stations in the past needed to be utilized for the purpose so that dependence on firewood could be minimized and precious forests could be saved.

Maulana Khaliq-ul-Zaman, Khatib Shahi Masjid, highlighted the importance of plants from the Islamic point of view and proved it with the Hadiths. He said the people who plant trees would be continuously rewarded by Allah for their good deed.

He said even if a person steals fruit from a tree and takes its skin, the one who planted it will be rewarded.

Souvenirs were also presented to the guests of the event. Later, the chief guest and others also planted trees and distributed free plants among the people. At the ceremony, the services of VCC Dinin President Fazlur Rehman were highly appreciated for his efforts in planting 6, 000 saplings in the hilly area of Dinin.

The function was attended by District and Sessions Judge Chitral, Commandant Chitral Scouts, Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau, District Public Prosecutor, President Trade Union, Secretary Good Governance, Assistant Director Non Timber Forest, DFO Wildlife, DFM Chitral and heads of line departments as well as a large number of people belonging from all walks of life.