Model court Haripur awards lifetime imprisonment and imposed fine to two drug smuggler

HARIPUR:Model Court Haripur Thursday sentenced lifetime imprisonment and imposed Rs.50000 fine on Imran and Abdul Razaq after being convicted for trying to smuggle narcotics and liquor.

After hearing the arguments of both sides the Judge Sajjad Ahmed found Imran and Abdul Razaq guilty for smuggling Hashish and liquor, sentenced both life time imprisonment with Rs.50000 fine each, in case of default both would face three months more imprisonment, the third accused was exonerated as police failed to provide any evidence.

A year ago, on a tip-off, Khalabat police raided in Sector No.3 Khalabat and arrested Abdul Razaq and Imran seized 20 bottles of liquor and 1.2-kilogram Hashish.

Khalabat police station registered a case of drug smuggling against both accused, after completion of challan and model court Haripur started hearing the case, today finally the after proven guilty awarded life imprisonment and also imposed fine on Abdul Razaq and Imran.