More “Miyawaki” forests to be developed to fight against pollution: PHA

RAWALPINDI:In addition to ensuring the protection of existing natural forests, extensive measures are being taken to plant forests with human hands and after Lahore, ” Miyawaki” forests shall also be developed in other cities to fight against pollution which grow ten times faster than normal tree.

While visiting various sites of tree plantation in the city, Vice Chairman of Parks and Horticulture Authority, Malik Abid Hussain said PHA would involve all citizens to actively participate in planting trees during the campaign. ”

“Housewives are being made aware of the multiple benefits of growing plants inside and around their homes and how can they lessen their kitchen expenditures by developing kitchen gardening coupled with helping in elimination of environmental pollution”, he added.

He said kitchen gardening provided every home fresh vegetables, which could significantly reduce kitchen costs and also bring down the rates of daily used vegetables in open markets.

He said that the proportion of forests as compared to the population of our country was very low and in the past, the protection of forests was neglected due to which the forest area kept shrinking instead of increasing.

“We will protect the forests as well as promote the ‘Miyawaki’ forest in which the role of citizens is very important,” he maintained.