Most of water supply schemes non-functional in Multan

MULTAN:Most of water supply schemes approved for the district were non-functional, with a few running in low capacity resulting least benefit to localities concerned.

Post of Xen of Public Health Engineering has been left vacant for a week after transfer of the former Attaullah Shah to Lahore, aggravating the condition from bad to worse.

Talking to reporter, Shah regretted that only 10 Out of 54 schemes meant to hold water supply for across the district were in functional state. However, they weren’t running at such a promising level and good momentum. While rest of 44 haven’t begun even owning to non-availability of requisite funds.

He said the authority has pledged to allocate funds in upcoming budget to carry out all schemes in letter and spirit.

Commenting on “apathy part of district administration” for resolving “bedrock departmental issues” he said it wasn’t happening. Rather, they had been calling performance reports about functioning of projects since long, he concluded.