Parwa police seize huge cache of illegal arms from dealers

DI KHAN: : The Parwa police station Wednesday conducted raids on various shops of arm dealers and seized huge quantity of illegal arms and ammunition and arrested various shopkeepers.

Addressing a press conference here SDPO Yasir Aman said that he received a tip-off that arm dealers were selling illegal arms at their shops.

The DPO deployed Parwar police to conduct raids on Mazher and Company Arms and Ammunition and recovered 9 shotgun and 12, 586 bullets, 12 pistols of 30-bore and 1352 bullets of 30-bore pistols.

Similarly, 4 shotguns, 1250 bullets of 30 bore pistols, one MP-3 rifle and one 30-bore pistols were recovered from Khattak Arms and Ammunition Ramak.

The police asked about the details of registered stock with the shop owners who failed to satisfy the police and were arrested from the spot.