People complain kite flying; urge immediate action

RAWALPINDI:Residents of Rawaplindi on Sunday complained that despite ban on kite flying, the practice was being followed in the city with no action from the police against the violators.

They said kites could be seen in different localities including Dhoke Mangtal, Ratta Amral, Race Course, Banni, Bhabra Bazaar, Asghar Mall Scheme, Jamia Masjid Road, Committee Chowk, Kohati Bazaar, Waris Khan, Iqbal Road, Naz Cinema, Shakrial, Kuri Road, Muslim Town, Bandh Khana Road, Iqbal Town, Commercial, and Dhoke Kala Khan,Dhoke Elahi bukush , Nadeem colony and Arya Mohallah.

Sale of kites and strings was also being carried out unchecked in different parts of the city.

City Police Officer CPO Ahsan Younas said strict action would be taken against the kite flying adding that no one would be allowed to violate rule of law.

Station House Officer of the respective area would be responsible of kite flying in the areas, he said.

CPO directed the policemen to launch action against the violators without any discrimination.

On the orders of CPO Rawalpindi, three persons involved in aerial firing were arrested after being identified through video went viral on social media. In view of the orders, the process of identifying and arresting kite-flyers and those involved in aerial firing through video was underway.

Waris Khan police along with his team identified the accused who fired aerial shots on Basant were identified as Raheel, Owais and Ahmed Nadeem and weapons were recovered from their possession.