Police arrest 2 suspects.large quantity of narcotics recovered

HYDERABAD:Hyderabad police on Monday claimed to have arrested two suspects and recovered a large quantity of narcotics from their custody.

The police spokesman informed that the GOR police spotted a suspicious car near the GCD ground and signaled the driver to stop.

He said upon searching the car the police recovered 10 kilograms of hashish from the vehicle.

The spokesman said that both the suspects, identified as Ghulam Shabbir Jarwar and Aamir Ali Jagirani were apprehended on the spot.

However, one of their associates, Allah Wasayo alias Porho Shoro, escaped the arrest.

The police also one vehicle, Suzuki Mehran bearing registration number BKY-803, besides registering FIR against the suspects.

During the initial investigation the suspects confessed to smuggling hashish.

According to the spokesman, they told the police that they bring hashish from Larkana and the consignment is dropped in Kotri, Jamshoro, from where it was sold in Hyderabad.