Police arrest nine persons during raid

Attock:Police have arrested nine persons involved in an anti social elements and recovered stolen goods, motorbikes and illegal weapons.

Cases under the act have been registered against them and all have been sent behind the bars. In the first attempt Injra police arrested Khizar Hayat and Naseer Ahmad both r/o Chakwal and recovered stolen goods from them while their third accomplice Danyal r/o Injra is at large and raids are being carried out for his arrest.

In the second attempt Hatian police arrested four bike lifters and recovered ten stolen bikes from their possession. Those arrested include Muhammad Ali and Mudassir Khan both r/o Waisa , Abbas Baig r/o Hazro and Muhammad Iqbal r/o Mongewali . Yet in another attempt Basal police arrested Yasir Amir r/o Pindsultani , Khurshid Ahmad r/o Domel and Muhammad Farooq r/o Mansehra and recovered two pistols and a 12 bore shotgun from their possession.