Police arrested 1,382 ‘criminals’ last month

FAISALABAD:The district police arrested 1,382 alleged criminals including 627 proclaimed offenders (POs) by registering 635 cases during the month of February.

According to a spokesperson, police teams nabbed 627 POs including 62 of A-category during the month.

Police registered 297 cases against drug-peddlers and arrested 300 accused and seized over 81kg hashish, 18kg Bhakki, 2kg opium, over 3-kg heroin, 5,492 liters of liquor, 1,210-litre raw liquor, and unearthed three distilleries.

Police teams also registered 269 cases against outlaws and arrested 280 and recovered 226 pistols, 22 guns, 14 rifles, six Kalashnikovs, one carbine, one repeater, two revolvers, one sharp-edged weapon and several bullets/ cartridges.

Police also arrested 175 gamblers by registering 69 cases and took the stake money of Rs 172,185 in custody from dens.