Prime Minister Imran Khan said

Prime Minister Imran Khan said it was due to the loot and plunder of previous regimes led by the thieves that the regional countries like Bangladesh were now ahead of Pakistan in terms of economic development.

“Even if you appoint a thief as head of a factory, it will not achieve progress, ” he remarked.

The prime minister said Prophet Muhammad (PBUM) had stated that the nations having different laws for the rich and the poor ruined in the past.

He said as history was witness to the fact that the nations, including Germany and Japan which stood again on their feet through reforms after the 2nd World War had to face difficulties, his government was also working on reforms to bring about a change in the country, which also required some patience.

Imran Khan said despite all economic odds, the government was committed to and would provide all resources for the development of merged districts (tribal areas) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He said the people of tribal areas, who never bowed before any force, always fought to remain independent and even sacrificed their lives in Kashmir, were real democratic people as their decisions were made through consultation in the Jirga system.

The prime minister said the government would do all to ensure the socio-economic uplift of those areas, which were neglected in the past and faced difficulties in the wake of war against terrorism.

Besides the establishment of a big university covering 5000 canals in the area, the government would provide resources for basic amenities like health, education, clean drinking water roads etc, he added.

The prime minister said all the families of merged districts would be provided the facility of Rs 700, 000 per annum health insurance while the youth would be given stipends and loans under the Ehsaas Programme.