Reconciliation Council saves couple’s marriage, decides 30 Talaq/Khula cases

MULTAN:Reconciliation Council Multan, headed by Commissioner/administrator Metropolitan Corporation, Javed Akhtar Mahmood as its chairman, heard 40 cases of dissolution of marriage (Talaq/Khula) and resolved differences between a man and his wife through counseling, saving their marriage.

Reconciliation Council decided 30 cases of Talaq/Khula and issued certificates on the spot, says an a press release issued here on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, commissioner highlighted the importance of reconciliation council in striking balance in society adding that problems emerge when men do not seek permission from first wife or the council before contracting second marriage.

He said the council deputes an umpire in case of dispute between husband and wife to save their relationship.

On the occasion, commissioner asked women if they were opting for ‘Khula’ independently or under some pressure. He said that director local government issued three notices to couples before finally deciding cases as per section 8 of Muslim Marriage Laws 1961.

Commissioner/chairman reconciliation council decided 30 cases and issued certificates.

Director local government Faroioq Dogar was also present on the occasion.