Repair work of Rawal Lake Filtration plant to be completed on Feb 16

RAWALPINDI: Managing Director, Water and Sanitation Agency WASA Raja Shaukat Mahmood Sunday said that the repair work of Rawal Lake Filtration Plant would be completed on February 16.

During this time, water supply from Rawal Dam to WASA would be affected, he added.

Due to repair work, the areas especially B Block, D Block, F Block Satellite Town, Mohalla Eidgah, Mohalla Raja Sultan, New Millpur 7th Road, Asghar Mall, Bani Raja Bazar, Dhok Ratta, Dhok Matkal Dhok Elahi Bakhsh, Committee Chowk and Water supply in Arya Mohalla areas will get less water than usual.

Consumers are urged to use water with caution and avoid unnecessary use including washing floors, washing cars, watering lawns on a daily basis and storing water for the next week to avoid any inconvenience.

The MD WASA further said that normal supply will be restored from February 16 as soon as the repair work of Rawal Lake filtration plant would be completed.

However, WASA Rawalpindi is taking steps to ensure water supply from water tankers and tube wells to meet the needs of its customers. In case of any complaint, immediately inform nearest WASA Complaints Office.