Residents of several villages of Haripur staged protest against illegal mining which has desolated agricultural land

HARIPUR: Residents of village Bagra No.2, Bandi Bala, Akhun Di Bani and others Tuesday staged a protest rally against the illegal stone crushing plant which has destroyed their agrarian land at Baldher.

According to the details, the protestors of several villages have demanded from the provincial government to permanently shift stone crushing plants from the residential areas, the protestors while speaking claimed that their 32000 Kanal land has been desolated by the legal and illegal stone crushing plants that are working in River Door.

They said that hundreds of the people have been unemployed and owners of precious agricultural land are facing huge losses as agriculture in the area has been stopped due to pollution caused by the stone-crushing plants.

For the last, one decade legal and illegal stone crushing all over the Hazara division is a huge problem for the people, tourism, agriculture and the environment.

Stone crushing plants and blasting in various areas of the Hazara division has become a nightmare for the nearby people. Many people have been injured and several houses have been damaged by the stone which fell on the houses owing to blast mining.

Despite the supreme court of Pakistan’s verdict against blast mining, during the last five years, many people have been injured and houses have been damaged by the blasting in the area of district Haripur, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Battagram, Torghar and Kohistan.

Many localities of Abbottabad and Haripur districts have also been protested against the blasting mining including the famous mining area of Tarhana where buildings of the whole village have been damaged by the blasting and precious forests has been vanished.

During the last four years, more than 100 stone-crushing plants have been sealed following the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Environment Protection Agency act in Haripur, Abbottabad and Mansehra districts but the violation is continued.